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Gregory Caplan Google+ Profile

Read the latest commentary from Gregory Caplan about criminal defense, current events, and news at: Gregory Caplan.
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California Expungement Law Update 2014

Just published an article in the Burbank Business Journal about new laws designed to provide employment opportunities to many people with previous criminal records. See 2014 Expungement & ...
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Penal Code section 485 - Finders, Keepers?

The below discussion is a general analysis of Penal Code section 485 - Appropriation of Lost Property. If you have concerns about specific legal requirements, you should seek advice from a licensed ...
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Important Steps of Effective Client Representation

Clear Scope of Representation- Today’s discussion involves a critical first step in the Attorney/Client relationship. The emphasis will focus on California law, although the principles generally ...
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Congruency, Honesty, and Client Representation

Today's discussion explains significant factors which are critical in Attorney/Client working relationships. Consistent goals- I think the most important component to a successful Attorney/Client ...
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California Expungement and Employment Law in 2014

Historically, California Penal Code section 1203.4 provided an opportunity to receive a dismissal of a criminal conviction upon successful completion of the court requirements. Without effective ...
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Preserving Rights Which Flow From Criminal Cases

While attorney representation protecting rights which flow from your criminal case is important, it’s also critical to understand additional related consequences, and address them ...
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Ten Steps to a Better and Brighter 2014

Below is a top 10 list of small improvements which can make a big difference. While some may apply, and some may not, even small steps can greatly improve your life. 10. 2014 is a new year and a ...
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10 important issues to consider this holiday season

This is my top 10 list of suggestions to make a better life as this holiday season approaches. While some of these issues apply to you, and others will not, think about them in the overall picture, ...
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10 ways to move forward after your court case (and simultaneously plan for a California expungement)

My Top 10 list for Clients in California looking to move forward after a court case. These general life principles apply across the board; however, specific legal case options after conviction should ...
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10 Ways to Improve Your Life after an Arrest

Today’s discussion will delve into proactive actions which may be taken after an arrest, with the support, guidance, and direction of your family, friends, and defense attorney. These steps may ...
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10 Important Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Today I wanted to highlight problems which may be “triggered” upon a conviction of a criminal case in California. While courts do a somewhat decent job of informing defendants about many ...
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10 Important Mistakes to Avoid in a Criminal Courtroom

Consciously and/or subconsciously, prosecutors and judges seem to give extra consideration in many cases where a well-prepared attorney presents positive “visuals” of their clients in the ...
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What to do if someone you know has been arrested

Today’s discussion highlights important steps to take if a friend or loved one has been arrested. The emphasis of this article will focus on cases originating in Los Angeles County, California. ...
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How to Clear a Suspended Driver's License

Today’s article focuses on FAQ/Answers about Driving with a Suspended License in California. 1. Is Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License a felony or a misdemeanor? California law, ...
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Things are different, now

I wanted to discuss the differences about how youthful “indiscretions” are handled in current times, as opposed to how things were done in the past. The world in which we live has changed, ...
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Hit and Run Investigations

In today's post, I want to elaborate on earlier discussions about Hit and Run accusations in Los Angeles City. As with any criminal accusation, prompt legal representation is important. You should ...
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Proper Evaluation of Consequences From a Criminal Case

A common misunderstanding about a Los Angeles County criminal case relates to potential long-term consequences. In many cases, those facing criminal accusations focus on the immediate consequences of ...
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You May Be Surprised About California Hit & Run Law

I am often asked about hit and run allegations. There are common misconceptions about the legal requirements to file a hit and run case against a person in California, and I wanted to review the most ...
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How Speaking to Police Can Make Your Case Worse

How can giving a statement to police, without attorney representation, create or compound criminal liability? Three important issues come to mind: 1. The first person involved in an incident to file a ...
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Five Misperceptions in LA Criminal Court

In today's article, I am going to focus on the top five common misperceptions in LA Criminal Court.: 5. My criminal case is only a misdemeanor or infraction charge. Although misdemeanor and ...
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Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Cases

Building on an earlier blog post, today's discussion will review Los Angeles misdemeanor and felony court cases, and emphasize the importance of legal representation throughout. The Start of a ...
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Strategies in Los Angeles Drug Possession Cases

Read about new 2015 law updates at: Los Angeles Drug Defense. Caveat: If a loved one has been arrested in Los Angeles County for unlawful possession of drugs, it is important to thoroughly understand ...
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8 Factors When Choosing a Criminal Attorney

I think it’s important to evaluate a wide range of criteria when hiring a criminal attorney to help you with a legal dilemma. Eight components stand out in my mind, not necessarily in this ...
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How Politics Influence Criminal Justice

A bit about my background: I spent 12+ years working in government at law enforcement and prosecution agencies, 9 years as a prosecutor. Thereafter, I have spent more than seven years as a criminal ...
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