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Why Hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Thousands of people are charged with criminal violations in Los Angeles County area each year. Unfortunately, many people facing criminal charges choose to represent themselves.

They may believe it is unnecessary to hire a defense attorney, despite the fact they are unfamiliar with the laws or court procedures. Because of the high stakes of criminal charges, it is never wise to represent yourself.

Gregory Caplan's video explores important issues of Attorney Representation.

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The Los Angeles Court system is stretched to its limit. Each criminal court handles dozens of cases each day. The judges and prosecutors are focused at resolving the volume of cases, and are not there looking out for your best interests.

If you represent yourself and enter a guilty or no contest plea, you may cause irreparable harm to your life, career, and family, without realizing the repercussions. There is simply too much at stake to handle a criminal case without representation by a trusted and experienced attorney.

Gregory Caplan understands the rules, laws, and facts which must be shown for someone to be convicted of a criminal violation. He takes the time to understand his clients' side of the story, and emphasizes that perspective to the judge and prosecutor. He takes care of the smallest details, to help his clients avoid unnecessary stress & anxiety.

Mr. Caplan has many clients who first attempted to handle their own defense. It doesn’t take long for them to realize how far in over their heads they had been. Unfortunately for people representing themselves, their inexperience can do serious damage to their cases, much of which could have been avoided completely, had they consulted with an attorney early on in their case.

Gregory Caplan has years of experience representing clients charged with criminal violations. He can help you navigate through the legal process and provide you with exceptional legal representation, every step of the way.

Call Mr. Caplan, today, to discuss your legal options, at 213-400-5355!