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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

An arrest or criminal accusation can be a confusing and worrisome time. You need help from the trusted and experienced lawyer who knows the system, and proactively works on immediate strategies.

Step one is to call Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Gregory Caplan.

Mr. Caplan has helped 100s of clients explore creative alternatives, many of which he developed while working in law enforcement & prosecution.

He listens carefully to clients, provides answers, & helps them evaluate their best options. Simply stated, you can trust him to help you.

Read what Mr. Caplan's clients have to say about his services, and learn more about his strategies at: Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney.

Call Gregory Caplan at 213-400-5355, & see how he can help you!

The extensive experience of his criminal law career encompasses thousands of cases involving a wide range of criminal charges. He works tirelessly on behalf of clients, focusing on exploring creative solutions for 1st-time offenders (see Los Angeles Diversion Program).

He also helps clients with common youthful transgressions; you can read strategies for these types of cases at: Fake ID Attorney Los Angeles.

Gregory Caplan's legal background includes twelve+ years of employment at law enforcement and prosecuting agencies, as well as many years in private practice in the greater Los Angeles area. This experience helped build the foundation for his unique knowledge of the justice system, and provides him insight while developing creative strategies for clients' cases.

Mr. Caplan provides clients high-quality legal services during investigation, throughout the court process, in probation cases, and in post-conviction as a Los Angeles Expungement Attorney.

You can evaluate examples of his approaches and strategies throughout this site, as well as in specific pages below, including:

Los Angeles Petty Theft Attorney (Explore 1st-Time Offender options)
Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney (Discover early intervention strategies)

Call Gregory Caplan at 213-400-5355, and learn your options, today!

*Case results in criminal cases depend on unique facts/law.

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