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New laws approved by voters in Proposition 47 dramatically impact Los Angeles County drug cases.

If a loved one is facing a drug crime, you need an attorney who understands the new laws, knows the system, & develops specific strategies for each client.

As a Los Angeles Drug Attorney, my unique legal perspective helps plan effective defenses for Los Angeles drug charges.

I evaluate suitable approaches for each client, & work towards solutions, whenever possible, which may resolve drug charges without a conviction, such as, PC 1000, Drug Diversion, & Prop. 36.

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Los Angeles Drug Charges

Proposition 47 has changed the landscape of Los Angeles drug cases. Importantly, this law reclassifies "personal use" drug possession cases. The most common of these being violations of Health & Safety Code sections 11350 (cocaine, heroin & other opiates), 11377(a) (including methamphetamine, MDMA, & related substances), & 11357(a) (concentrated cannabis).

Under the new law, simple "possession" violations are considered misdemeanors, unless, the accused person has a prior conviction for a violent or serious crime, or has been convicted of a crime which requires Penal Code section 290 registration.

In fact, those who are currently serving or have been previously convicted of a felony drug possession charge may now be eligible for a misdemeanor reduction, subject to the exceptions which apply to drug possession cases. This reduction may be available even if the felony sentence has already been completed.

Possession for Sale, Sales, & Transportation cases will still be filed as felonies, but may be subject to judicial consideration for misdemeanor reduction, depending on the circumstances.

As you can see, there are many legal issues with drug cases because of new laws, as well as existing legislation. In any case, you need to make sure that each suitable option has been explored. So, don't take a chance on your future. Call Gregory Caplan today!

Los Angeles Drug Crime Penalties

Some drug cases, however, carry substantial consequences, including, prison sentences, large court fines, probation and/or parole. And a drug related conviction on your criminal record may create other problems in the future, especially when you seeking employment, & could put a halt to your career aspirations.

I have helped many clients avoid substantial consequences, by developing solutions emphasizing treatment, rather than punishment, in programs such as, drug diversion & drug rehab programs, and Prop. 36.

You owe it to yourself to determine your options!

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*Drug case outcomes depend on specific details of each case.

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