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It's time. You're tired about worrying about that Los Angeles bench warrant. You've gotten by for a while, but the costs of not taking care of it are now too important to ignore.

It's time to resolve the situation, once and for all, and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

So, how do you find the right attorney?

I have handled 100s of cases as a Los Angeles Bench Warrant Attorney. I counsel clients about their options, and carefully develop a unique plan for each case, the outcome of which depends on effective planning, as well as the facts and circumstances of the warrant.

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Bench Warrants and Failure to Appear

A bench warrant is issued by a judge after a person fails to appear at court. Similar to an active arrest warrant, a bench warrant is issued to arrest the person who did not appear for a criminal proceeding.

A bench warrant gives police the right to immediately arrest the person after locating them, at which point they will be remain in custody until bail is posted, or they are released by a judge.

If you have an active arrest warrant, criminal warrant, or bench warrant, it's time to clear it!

I can work on determining your best options to resolve your case and move on in your life. 

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