This article will emphasize possible “exit strategies” from the "revolving door" dilemma of suspended driver's licenses. This area of law is complex, and any suspended license issue should be fully evaluated from a comprehensive perspective by an experienced attorney.

While causes of license suspensions vary, in my criminal law career, I have found suspensions generally arise because of the following circumstances:

1. Failure to Appear in Court (FTA)

2. Failure to Pay a Court Fine (FTP)

3. Negligent Operator- High DMV Point Count because of multiple tickets and/or accidents

4. DUI-Related Conviction/Excessive Blood Alcohol/Refusal to Test/Failure to Complete DUI School

5. Failure to Maintain Family/Child Support

6. Traffic Accident While Uninsured

7. Unpaid Civil Judgment

Snowball Effect Resulting in LA Driver's License Suspension

Let's face it. If you live in Los Angeles, you need to drive. At the very least, you likely drive to work, drop the kids off at school, and drive to the grocery store. Unfortunately, if you drive, you will probably receive a ticket or two, over the course of time.

So, you were cited for a traffic violation, and ordered to appear in court. Then, inadvertently, you miss the due date for your court appearance, and the compounded consequences multiply. The court issues a bench warrant, notifies DMV to place an I-hold and/or suspend your driver's license, and eventually sends the file to the LA Superior Court collection agency, GC Services. Now, your $150 ticket has detonated into a $1000 fine, with your ability to lawfully drive on the line.

So, you show up in person at GC Services, and find out that you need to pay the whole amount to remove the DMV hold on your license. But you need some time accumulate the money. So, you take a chance and continue to drive, and, unfortunately, you are stopped for a traffic violation, soon thereafter.

Now the stakes are higher. You have just received a misdemeanor citation for Driving on a Suspended License. Oh, and your car was just impounded; $1350 to release your car after the 30-day hold. And your court date for the Suspended License case is here. The judge explains the consequences of a guilty plea. You are shocked. Two Points on my DMV record? Probation? Another $1500 fine? You ask the judge to give you a few weeks to figure this whole thing out. It doesn't take long for you to realize that you need professional help to solve this.

You hire an experienced Suspended License Attorney to represent you. He has you obtain your DMV record printout for careful evaluation. He's seen much worse. He then determines your best solutions.

He meets with you, and formulates a strategy for you to sort this out. He provides you with hope, and a game plan, and soon you are back on track to a lawful and less expensive future.

While no attorney can guarantee an outcome with the DMV or an LA Court, an attorney who understands the process can evaluate your specific situation and give you guidance on your best options to globally resolving your Driver's License issues. You can read more at: Suspended License Attorney Los Angeles.

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