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You've just realized that you may have violated probation in your criminal case. Maybe you thought you had time to finish your terms, & came up short.

You may have been uncertain about requirements or court dates. Or been concerned about going to jail, and missed your court date.

You're unsure about your next step, and need an effective solution.

I hav handled 100s of probation violations in criminal courts. I understand strategies to effectively address misdemeanor and felony probation violations, and I tailor my approaches to each client’s specific case.

When you are in violation of probation, you need an advocate on your side who understands probation laws, working to develop strategies to put you back on the right track. Don’t take a chance on your future & handle this yourself.

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Probation is a standard condition of court sentences in LA County. It is a way for the court to monitor a case, as well as provide accountability. Requirements of probation are precise, which often causes court violations.

Even accidental violations can carry significant consequences. So, even if you have an explanation for your violation, you still need representation to make sure your rights are protected.

I provide legal representation and legal advice to clients charged with local probation violations, and have helped many clients resolve serious probation violation allegations.

I have handled probation violations which include:

Failing to meet with a Probation Officer
Failing to attend court ordered counseling
Participating in unlawful conduct
Failure to pay Fines
Failing a drug test

It never makes sense to represent yourself if you have violated your probation. It is important to find an experienced lawyer who understands solutions.

I provide thorough probation violation representation, and work tirelessly to resolve each client's specific situation.

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You can also learn about shortening probation at: Early Termination of Probation Los Angeles.

*Outcomes depend on specific facts/applicable law of probation case.

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