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You've been in a traffic accident in LA or the San Fernando Valley. Maybe, it wasn't your fault, and you panicked. Or you didn't know where to stop or who to contact. Then you left without exchanging information. What do you do now?

While there are many important decisions after a Hit & Run, none are more important than calling an experienced Hit & Run Attorney to help, as you can see in this video at: Hit & Run Attorney.

I have helped many clients facing hit and run charges, and am familiar with early intervention, as well as in-court strategies.

In many situations, I attempt to resolve cases "civilly," prior to any criminal charges being filed. Significantly, this "civil" option may only be available for a short time, when police are in the midst of their investigation.

Hit and run cases can occur for many different reasons. Don't make your situation worse by trying to resolve it on your own. Call to see how I can help, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000, now!

Hit and Run Cases

The California Vehicle Code, which applies to hit and run incidents in LA and the San Fernando Valley, requires that the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in property damage or injury to any person, shall immediately stop at the scene of the accident. Failure to do so is a crime.

Depending on the seriousness of a traffic incident, past driving history, and whether the traffic accident caused injury, a hit and run charge can be filed as either a felony or misdemeanor.

Hit and run cases may result in jail time, large fines, and driver's license suspension.

Felony hit and run cases are typically punished more severely than misdemeanor violations. Jail time and fines vary in hit and run cases, taking into consideration the specific facts and applicable law of each case.

Minor hit and run accidents with minimal property damage and no physical injuries are typically charged as misdemeanor hit and run.

Never represent yourself in any misdemeanor or felony hit and run case. Step 1 is to seek immediate representation from a Hit and Run Attorney.

If you or someone you love is facing hit & run charges, call now, at 213-400-5355 or 818-775-9000, as soon as possible, and see how I can help!

*Each hit & run case outcome depends on unique facts/law.

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