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Glendale, Ca Court

If a loved one has been arrested in Glendale, CA, there is help available.

I am an experienced criminal lawyer and extremely familiar with the Glendale Criminal Court. I can help you and your family explore solutions.

I take time to provide answers & explain available options to clients.

I typically take immediate action on Glendale cases, contacting the Glendale Police Department and Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office (Glendale Area Office) to present my client’s perspective, as well as present positive information which may steer a case away from a serious criminal filing.

Your case may qualify for an alternative to a criminal charge. Call now, to find out your available alternatives, at 818-536-3630!

Glendale Criminal Court Alternatives

Alternatives to criminal charges may be available, and should be pursued promptly, such as District Attorney Office Hearings. Office Hearings must be requested prior to a criminal filing, or will be unavailable. I work tirelessly to steer clients towards this type of alternative.

The Glendale DA also utilizes a Theft Diversion program in limited situations, where persons charged with theft violations can earn dismissals of the theft charges. I formulate specific programs for clients to present to the Glendale District Attorney’s Office for consideration of these alternatives.

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I have helped numerous clients in the Glendale Criminal Court, which is located at 600 East Broadway in Glendale, CA 91206.

I handle felony and misdemeanor cases, including, theft, shoplifting, drug possession, hit and run, suspended licenses, warrants, probation violations, and expungements.