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What do you do if you or a loved one has been cited or arrested and ordered to appear in Van Nuys Court? You have concerns and questions, such as: What will happen to my family, my job, & my life?

You need an attorney who quickly takes action on his clients' behalf, explains the best options, & understands the alternatives available. 

I provide fast help to my clients, and start determining solutions, which I carefully explain clients and their families.

There is a significant advantage to having the attorney who understands the local court system. I have this extensive experience.

Many options must be pursued quickly, or they will not be available later. Because of this, my strategies generally involve quick contact with the District Attorney’s Office, to steer cases away from felony filing consideration, whenever possible.

I also promptly contact the City Attorney's Office in misdemeanor cases (such as shoplifting & petty theft), to present clients for consideration of alternatives, including APPS, a diversion program which originated in Van Nuys, allowing some people to receive case dismissals.

Once a case is filed, however, City Attorney Diversion is no longer available.

Your case may qualify for an alternative program. Call 818-775-9000, to learn your options!

Court Alternatives?

If your case has been filed in court, there are still many effective strategies your attorney can pursue. Again, timely intervention is critical at the earliest possible stage of the proceedings.

Alternatives such as Civil Compromise need to be presented to the court for consideration of dismissal in a timely fashion. Motions may need preparion at the earliest stages, to effectively present legal defenses, as well. Time can be critical.

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Van Nuys Criminal Cases

I have helped many clients in the Van Nuys Criminal Court, which is located at 14400 Erwin Street Mall in Van Nuys, CA 91401.

I focus a great deal of his attention on Pre-filing investigations. In some situations, if a client’s perspective and positive factors are brought to the attention of law enforcement and prosecution agencies in Van Nuys, there may not be a filing of criminal charges.

However, even if a case is filed, there are still other alternatives which can be pursued.

The City Attorney evaluates cases for an alternative to criminal charges called Alternative Prosecution Program (APPS) for first-time offenders and low-level charges. The most significant factor about this program is that it must be approved prior to a criminal case being filed in Van Nuys Court.

Time is of the essence to make immediate contact with the supervisors at the City Attorney’s Office to request admission into this program.

The City Attorney also conducts Office Hearings, where a "hearing officer" listens to the involved parties to determine if criminal charges are appropriate. This is alternative to filing criminal charges. Again, the City Attorney evaluates eligibility of this program prior to court proceedings.

I represent 1st-Time Offenders as a Van Nuys Theft Attorney, helping clients with petty theft, shoplifting, and related charges. Depending on the theft amount, the prosecutor’s office may consider alternatives such as APPS.

The time-frame the City Attorney takes to make a decision on theft charges is brief. Thus, it is extremely important for your attorney to quickly request this alternative, and provide compelling reasons.

I handle most criminal cases, including misdemeanor or felony violations, shoplifting, petty theft, drug possession, driving on a suspended license, hit and run, bench warrants, probation violations, & weapon charges.

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