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A common occurrence in Van Nuys Court relates to Driving on a Suspended License. Department 102, the misdemeanor traffic court which handles these cases, can be a challenging forum to someone without an attorney. It is critical to have legal representation from an experienced attorney, as well as a good game plan to try to globally resolve the license situation once and for all, as you will read, below.

Van Nuys Suspended License Case Example

A typical case starts out with someone who fails to appear on a traffic ticket. Eventually, the case goes to warrant, and then to GC Services Collections, which escalates the problem considerably. GC Services' involvement compounds this $100 ticket to an $800-1000 Driver's License hold. This creates hardship for the person with the ticket, so rather than sorting the matter out at this point, the person ignores the problem and continues to drive.

DMV then suspends the person's license, and eventually, the person is pulled over and charged with Vehicle Code section 14601.1, a misdemeanor, Driving on a Suspended License. This traffic stop is significant for two main reasons.

1. The car is impounded at the time of the citation- $1350 to get it out of impound a month later.

2. The suspended license charge is a misdemeanor, a two-point DMV violation, with a minimum penalty of $1500, probation, and court supervision, thereafter.

Unfortunately, this person pays to get the car out of impound and then goes to Van Nuys Court to handle the case himself, since he has depleted his savings.

Unfortunately, because of a previous traffic ticket and traffic accident, the person now has four DMV points, and receives a notice from DMV that he now has a second Driver's License Suspension.

If only he or she had developed a strategy before it escalated to this level, it could likely have been solved at this point. Now it has snowballed.

So, what are the possible solutions if you have a suspended license problem developing?

First things first, obtain representation from a Van Nuys Suspended License Attorney. This should start you on the road to recovery.

When I am first contacted by a new client in this situation, I obtain a current DMV Printout, and evaluate the problems which would need to be solved for the person's license to be reinstated. We then sit down and determine the best order and accompanying approaches aimed to globally resolve the license situation.

Usually this involves clearing I-holds and warrants, obtaining Z-abstracts, and strategically resolving cases in a methodical manner. Understanding how each piece fits into the puzzle, and how each case impacts all of the others is the key to solving the license problems in most cases. More in depth issues involve DUI suspensions, child support holds and suspensions, as well as suspensions related to unpaid judgments. These, too, can usually be corrected, but with a more comprehensive plan and efforts.

I have found as a Van Nuys Suspended License Attorney that the court and City Prosecutor will entertain more creative solutions when I can facilitate a client's license reinstatement in a short period of time.

Even cases where a client has a previous conviction or probation case involving a suspended license, where substantial jail is a typical sentence, there may be ways to minimize extraordinary penalties if the client can successfully correct the license issues before the case is concluded.

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