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Your California Driver's License is suspended. It began as a small problem, and has now become a large one.

You may have missed a court date or payment. Maybe you have a warrant.

The DMV isn't much help, and the court hasn't made things easier. But you have decided that now it's time to solve this once and for all!

As a Los Angeles Suspended License Attorney, I understand the importance of your driver's license. I realize that a valid driver's license is especially important in the Los Angeles area; losing your license can mean losing your job, as well as your ability to handle day-to-day responsibilities.

It is important to develop a step-by-step plan for your license, not simply a fast solution in court. This is why I emphasize a coordinated effort, simultaneously addressing the DMV suspensions, as well as court.

I explain strategies at: Suspended License Attorney, and discuss the importance of legal representation in this related article at: Resolving a Suspended License.

As you can see, it is important to focus on the big picture, and methodically develop solutions to your license suspension.

I first review DMV and court records, determine the problems which need to be solved, create an individualized step-by-step solution, and works towards a systematic resolution.

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Los Angeles Driver's License Suspensions

There are many situations which can trigger a driver's license suspension, including:

Vehicle Code section 14601- Negligent Operator, Reckless Driving, Medical Condition, too many points on DMV record.

Vehicle Code section 14601.1- Failure to Appear in Court, Failure to Pay Fines, Failure to Pay Child Support, Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance.

Vehicle Code section 14601.2 - DUI or Drugs.

Vehicle Code section 14601.5 - Excessive Blood Alcohol or Refusal to Take Chemical Test.

However, Driving with Suspended License cases require admissible evidence of the following:

1. You were driving;

2. You had an actual license suspension; and,

3. Proof that you had notice of the suspension.

I can carefully examine the facts of your case, and determine the best strategies and defenses to help you move forward.

You Need a Lawyer for a License Suspended

If you have been charged with a suspended license violation, call today at 213-400-5355 to find out how I can help you!

*License case outcomes depend on unique facts/applicable law.

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